ultra fast e-commerce stores

with CMS, and B2B solutions

coded from scratch

Specialised in high quality custom made web & mobile development, we put creativity in synergy with the functionality to create unique product. Out of the box thinking, and corporate approach will give your brand, UI or UX product interesting, and professional appeal.

web stores

custom made process

we walk in your shoes

analyse your business

going deep of what is going on in your company, and what is it about

we read your mind

absorbing your ideas

and adding ours to make custom made solutions for successful online presence

tailored web sites

with unique appearance

just like finest suites, we code unique product from ground up

b2b - wholesale systems

expand your business

with advanced wholesale system

reduce costs

cut waiting time

automate processes

speed up your comunications


branded websites

if economy is necessary

we got you covered

with highly optimised open source solutions


but if quality is your drive

we will dedicate ourself

to create unique and custom coded solution

ongoing projects

the most humane fondation

planning frontend & backend with new look, and refreshed logo.
we are so proud to be part of this project

e-commerce website

new looks, together with new engine behind, carefully planned for new looks.
speed is essential on this project

new approach for largest digital marketplace

feeling the pulse of the market, and carefully planned, this project will bring new experience for much needed fresh digital marketplace

office supply and bookstore

new looks, new cms, and very light and simple approach

e-commerce bookstore

Montenegro's finest bookstore is getting new looks, and simple but safe online payment procedure. Everything is controlled with our fast and intuitive custom made CMS.

Sudska praksa

knowledge base for court practise

made for internal use, this knowledge base is helping law practicians to share documents, laws... all in one place

learning management system

remote learning platform

dedicated for universities

no matter the size we got you covered

teach like in the classroom

be always there for your students

post teaching materials, give grades, implement courses, teach live via stream

students are up to date

with mobile app

students have the view in grades, progress, teaching materials, Q&A, talk directly to the teacher, or other students


branded development

absolutely unique logos

hand drawn

timeless design that can represent your company for decades to come

ProStudio ProStudio ProStudio ProStudio ProStudio ProStudio ProStudio ProStudio ProStudio ProStudio ProStudio ProStudio

graphic standards

book of graphic standards
complete solution

ensure that your complete branding is consistent, and not misused or misinterpreted

logo positioning
color palettes
stationary designs
clothing design
transportation design
product applications
and you name it, we got it


different brand design

absolutely unique logos

hand drawn

timeless design that can represent your company for decades to come

dubai trading company

client required artistic eagle to enrich branding appearance


Eagle is made from more than 500 triangeles

greek themed hotel

philia means friendship, but it also uses ancient greek thematics for the branding


Phosphorus was the personification of the Morning Star in Greek mythology we used this element for the breakfast menu


we are nuts

surreal arts

contact ... us

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phone: 00 382 67 254 256


adress: 21. Maj, Podgorica, Montenegro