• Just like:
  • Amazon
  • E-bay
  • Ali express
  • Otto
  • Billiger
Versatile marketing positions
Inovative and user friedly layout
New add stepps
With inovative promotion system, and gallery creation
User profile
Total control over the add depending of the authorisation level
List of futures
Following the latest trends, and technologies in the industry
    Carefully planned
  • Strategically consider marketing positions
  • Endless versioning for best user experience
  • Non traditional layout
  • Smart color aplications
  • Custom designed vector icons, and elements
  • Custom designed following brand identity
  • New approach to product listing, and view
  • Multiple product scrollers
  • Special mobile product display
    Marketing space
  • Home page 6 large sections with products on swipe
  • Home 2 horizontal positions for store with custom graphics or logo
  • Random add display depending of the number of purchased rotations
  • Inhouse or google adds positions
  • Native adds among product listing
  • Various options for banner dimensions
  • Sticky baners
  • Gallery banners
  • Store creation with user control
  • Store update with customer data base
  • Category view, top position for product futuring from the user store
  • Detailed product view sticky banner
  • Promotive adds
  • Price prmotion - actions
  • Ads promotion
  • Ads on category grid
  • ...
    Customer adds new product/item
  • Easy and intuitive steps system
  • Conditional button appearance effect
  • Intuitive card category selection
  • Interactive forms
  • Drag to upload gallery
  • Image preloader
  • Drag to change position
  • Delete image
  • Set as home button
  • Advanced image editing with rotate, reisize,delete, confirm
  • Detailed specifications
  • Promote ads on different locations
  • Promote duration selection
  • Discount depending of promotion
  • Price of promotion
  • Payment system: credit card, direct payment, with credits
    Customer ads editing panel
  • Change profile picture
  • Active, Promotive, Inactive ads
  • Credits status
  • Ads search
  • Interactive buttons on condition
  • Comunication system with received, sent, and favorites messages
  • Accound settings
  • Ability to view, edit, promote, deactivate, delete add from the flip menu
  • Credit status
  • Active ads status
  • Editing account levels, depending of the user rights, status, and type (default, store)
    Powerful administration
  • User levels
  • Adding new products/ads
  • Listing producs
  • Financial moduls
  • Credit modul
  • Add filter administration
  • Bank connectivity
  • Ads/products editing, and control
  • Category administration, and subcategories
  • Marketing spaces administration
  • 99% dinamicaly controled